Who is Sway?

In addition to the lovely ladies featured on our bios pages, there are some other people without whom Sway Group wouldn't be possible. These are the bloggers of course! As we set out to create this agency, we realized early on that the scope needed to be somewhat limited. Since the Sway Group model is a brand new one, it was virtually impossible to determine how much (wo)man power and resources would be required per blogger. So, I made a few key decisions; Sway Group would launch with just mom bloggers, and we would limit the number of bloggers to 25. We will be adding additional verticals (dads, foodies, etc.) in the very near future.

And so, the phone calls and face-to-face meetings began. We ended up with 25 of the most amazing women I know, and I don't think it will shock anyone when I say that I'm pretty damn proud (read: blown away) by the talent here. As Laura Mayes (one of the bloggers) noted to me on the phone, this list is kind of like the Justice League of mom bloggers. (I must insert the standard disclaimer here that most of these women write about so much more than parenting. Many of them hardly write about parenting at all. That said, they are all moms, and they are all fabulous.)

In alphabetical order (of their Twitter handles), these are the ladies of Sway: