Sway Group’s Women-Driven Team Elevates #ChooseWOMEN Campaign

Every client we work with brings new and rewarding challenges for the Sway team, but as a women-driven company we’re particularly excited to be involved with the upcoming #ChooseWOMEN initiative for WEDO, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization.

#choosewomen wednesdayWEDO is launching a day of celebration that shines a light on all women by choosing to support them. On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, #ChooseWOMEN Wednesday will be a day to spread the word about taking action to help close the gender gap and empower everything women do by choosing to support women-owned businesses, reading women authors, watching their films, hearing their voices, listening to their politics, and supporting their careers and their passions however possible.

I want to choose women for so many reasons. Personally, having people choose me and choose Sway has meant the world to me. I also want my daughter to enter the career phase of her life with an expectation that she can succeed in whatever field she chooses, and won't have to fight to get opportunities. In a world where choosing men has been the status quo for so long, it's important to be very deliberate about choosing women in order to really make an impact. - Sway founder and CEO Danielle Wiley

As part of the campaign, Sway influencers will be sharing their personal perspectives on overcoming obstacles and gender inequality, along with the reasons why they choose women.

On November 22nd, Instagram will include a #ChooseWOMEN breaking glass filter as part of their Stories feature, which will allow users to incorporate the filter effect into their Stories content. Sway influencers will be posting about #ChooseWOMEN on Instagram, and also participating in a Sway-run Twitter party on December 4th to help boost awareness.

We'll help women shatter the glass ceiling; #choosewomen

To ignite the movement, WEDO has launched a short film that amplifies their ambition to inspire, educate, and motivate America to support women everywhere. Take a look:


Sway Group decided to take on this work on a pro bono basis because we feel so strongly about the #ChooseWOMEN initiative. We hope you will view the #ChooseWOMEN hashtag on Instagram, and perhaps share your own story of choosing women in business!


December 4th is #choosewomen Wednesday

Leading is now about being in front. It’s about showing our daughters and our sons how to live, work and lead in both our businesses and in our families. I choose women because we all rise when we support each other. — Francesca Banducci, Chief Operating Officer, Sway Group