Twitter Marketing Tips from The Experts Who Know

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has been one of the major social networks. With 115 million active monthly users, it’s easy to see why Twitter marketing matters.

Twitter Marketing Tips

It can be overwhelming to dive in and determine how to best utilize Twitter in an effective and impactful way for your brand. That said, we're sharing the best tips for getting you started with effective Twitter marketing.

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1. Use The Right Tools

Having the right apps and tools can reduce your time spent on Twitter dramatically. You can use tools to schedule tweets to be published in the future, find people to interact with, monitor your hashtag, brand mentions, and other relevant topics, and even determine the best times to tweet. There are dozens of tools out there, so we rounded up our favorite tools every marketer needs for Twitter. Use these wisely to become more efficient (but not to completely automate your Twitter efforts).

2. Create a Content Calendar

Create a publishing schedule for your social media strategy and stick with it.  The easiest way to stay consistent with your presence is to create a killer content calendar. Outline how often you want to post in a day and create a calendar that you can fill in a week or up to a month ahead of time. Keep your content relevant by staying up-to-date on all things social media trending. You can also make sure to circulate some of that evergreen content that lives in your arsenal. Even though you may not have new content for your calendar one week, you can plan to reshare your evergreen content to make sure you are keeping up with your posting schedule.

3. Be Consistent and Present

Being consistent is important on social media. If you don't post for two weeks, users will think no one is checking your accounts and won't see the value in following or tweeting you. Since tweets are shown to users in chronological order, they have a short lifetime, meaning you can post to Twitter more often than other networks. Our tip? Tweet often and check-in at least once a day to respond to any mentions of your brand. You can schedule out daily tweets about your products, industry news, and other relevant topics to help supplement your content calendar when you don't have new content to share.

4. Tweet Useful and Engaging Content

Before you tweet, ask yourself: is this informative, entertaining, or useful? Is it relevant to my audience? Would someone be inspired to share or respond to it? If the answer is no, think twice before publishing. The more useful your content, the more likely someone will retweet it to their followers.

5. Use Hashtags Strategically

Rather than using hashtags to add a witty comment to your tweet, choose them strategically to reach your target audience. Choose hashtags that are widely used in your industry and limit yourself to one or two per tweet – if you use too many, it can look spammy.

6. Interact with Your Followers

Don’t forget that this is a social network. It’s about starting conversations and developing relationships, not just publishing tweets about your products. Connect with anyone who is tweeting about you and respond to their tweets, even if it’s just to say thanks. You can also seek out users who are tweeting about topics related to your business and start interacting with them.

7. Host A Twitter Party

This is a great way to connect with a large group of Twitter users at one time. It’s a virtual party that lives on Twitter via a unique hashtag. All tweets using the hashtag will appear on the same page, allowing people to follow along and join in the conversation. By partnering with key Twitter influencers during a Twitter party, you can reach many users in your target audience.

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