10 Family-Focused Parenting Influencers from the Sway Network

We work with thousands of influencers every year and love seeing how their content continues to evolve, especially with those creating content about parenting and family life. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite parenting-focused influencers (it was so hard to choose!) who routinely charm us with their beautiful images, stellar engagement, and sponsored content that is so well done it feels organic. They’re the perfect blend of inspiration, aspiration, honesty and practicality.

1. @GirlIntheRedShoes
Julie is mama to three little redheads. Her content is colorful, playful and just puts a smile on your face. As a visual storyteller, Julie has a knack for seamlessly integrating sponsored content into her feed while keeping her audience engaged.

Girl in the Red Shoes - parenting influencer

2. @terrell.and.jarius
Terrell and Jarius Joseph share their everyday adventures with their two adorable children. These two certainly have their hands full, but they have fun and show us lots of personality along the way. If you find them as infectious as we do, check out their YouTube channel too!

Terrell and Jarius Joseph - parenting influencer

3. @youmeandlucy_
Paula is a Californian with the light and airy aesthetic to prove it. This mama and her mini-me, Lucy, see consistent engagement with their content from both sponsored and organic posts.

@YoumeandLucy on Instagram - family-focused influencers

4. @lipglossandcrayons
Carly’s colorful feed celebrates family and motherhood. She believes in building community, which she did big time with the viral #justwearthesuit movement she created. Carly’s sponsored content blends in naturally with her feed and she sees consistent activity from her followers.

Lipglasscrayons on Instagram - parenting influencers #justwearthesuit

5. @lizdean
Liz has a unique style and visual aesthetic and we can’t get enough of her adorable kiddos. Her honesty and compassion is evident in her words and her pictures. Her sponsored content blends so seamlessly into her storytelling we challenge you to figure it out without hunting for her disclosures!

@Lizdean - family-focused influencer on instagram

6. @mama.shocks
Mikayla and her two daughters steal the show — the smiles and giggles radiate from these three. She shows the perfectly imperfect parts of being a mom to two littles and we are here for it. Did we mention her engagement is off the charts?

@mama.shocks - family influencer on instagram

7. @rachaelburgessmusic
Rachael is in the thick of it with three little ones at home, who feature prominently in her content.We love her style and her authenticity - and her followers clearly do too! She can always be counted on for consistent engagement across her sponsored content.

@rachaelburgessmusic - parenting influencer on instagram

8. @shynnz
Shannon is a busy, hands-on mom who is truly beautiful inside and out! We love her honesty, authenticity and boho style - and her followers do too, showing her consistent love on her posts.

Shannon from @shynnz on instagram

9. @leah_stauffer
Leah’s light and airy aesthetic brings to life the love and kindness she brings into the world. Her content is relatable and engaging, thanks to her honest approach and thoughtful sponsorship integrations.

@leah_stauffer - parenting influencer from sway group network

10. @asekyb
Aseky is a mom to four very photogenic little ones. A published parenting author, she sees very consistent engagement and her sponsored content blends seamlessly with her organic posts. She now has a little girl along with her three boys, and currently has a great lineup of summer themed content planned.

@asekyb - parenting influencer on instagram

These amazing content creators are just a few of the amazing influencers we have in our Sway network. Want to learn more about parenting-focused creators, and how they can spark engagement for your brand? Get in touch today for a custom proposal.