Tips for Marketing with Instagram's Multiple Post Feature

Instagram's multiple post feature means more pictures in one post. But what does this mean for marketers? Keep reading to find out as we tell you 3 unique tips for marketing with Instagram's multiple post feature.Tips for Marketing with Instagram Influencers

3 Tips for Marketing with Instagram's Multiple Post Feature

Check out these 3 creative tips for marketing with Instagram's multiple post feature:

1. Showcase Every Detail of Your Product

Now you can post pictures of every detail of your product without worrying about crowding your followers' timelines. By doing so, you can show the various benefits of your product. That way, your followers can clearly see how this product will add to their daily life. Pictures are a great way to replace wordy descriptions with content people actually will stop to look at. A product descriptions have become obsolete with the endless possibilities social media provides for sharing multimedia content.

2. Demonstrate Multiple Uses for Your Product

Let's pretend your product is a cooking ingredient. By using the multiple post feature, you can post a number of recipes all incorporating your ingredient. People love versatility because it's more bang for their buck. So by showing the many ways your product can be used, they'll see just how much your product will improve their lives. You can post up to 10 photos in one post. That's 10 different recipes, makeup looks, or uses of your product.

3. Work with Influencers

With Instagram's multiple post component, influencers can create a album of how they use your production their daily lives. Since all of the content will be in one post, this post can be easily shared and you won't have to worry about your followers tracking every step of your marketing campaign. Interested in working with an influencer? Just contact us to get started! We'll find the perfect influencer to market your product on Instagram.

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