5 Food Brand Instagram Feeds We’re Loving Right Now

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Instagram has become the “it” social platform for brands and influencers to showcase their content.

5 Food Brand Instagram Feeds We’re Loving Right Now

Food Brand Instagram Feeds

Here are a few of the food brands we think are nailing the Instagram game right now and why.


Stonyfield Farm is dedicated to the idea that healthy food means healthier people, healthier business, and a healthier planet. Their Instagram feed is bright and colorful just like their packaging and showcases not only the number of ways that yogurt can be enjoyed but also the importance of organic farming and treating Mother Earth kindly. They also do a great job of integrating their own branded photography alongside the influencers they’re working with.

Stonyfield has a great Instagram feed


With a range of premium Italian products, Bertolli brings everything together through the creation of a cohesive and upscale Instagram feed. Recipes and product pairings never looked so delicious.  They are a great example of how to strike a balance between aspirational and achievable food ideas.

food brand instagram feedsSmithfield*

Did someone say bacon? Smithfield has an impressive portfolio of products that include bacon, pork loins, pork chops, ham steaks, ground pork, sausage, lunch meat and more.  They utilize video effectively to bring their products to life and integrate existing influencer campaigns into their Instagram feed seamlessly.

food brand instagram feedsSpindrift

The Spindrift Instagram feed is exactly what you would expect - clean, bright, colorful, minimal and full of flavor all at the same time.  So, exactly like their drinks! What a great way to bring their brand to life by utilizing their memorable packaging to set the tone.

food brand instagram feeds


How do you keep a product fresh and interesting after years of being a pantry staple for families everywhere?  Take a cue from Cheerios. Their look and Instagram feed have evolved over the years to keep pace with their target audiences’ aesthetic.

food brand instagram feeds

Does your favorite brand use Instagram influencers? What are your favorite food brands to follow and why?

Full disclosure: We’ve conducted influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of Bertolli, Stonyfield and Smithfield