Building a Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Agency From Scratch

Sway Group CEO Danielle Wiley was recently featured on A-Cup, a podcast focused on the backstories of female entrepreneurs. Hosts Tara Laferrara and Kara McCartney interview one inspiring woman each week to discuss the wins and setbacks involved in growing a company,  and in this episode, Danielle tells the story of starting Sway Group — and how she strives to balance the tricky job of being a mom, wife, and business owner.

starting agency from scratch

Highlights from the episode include the details behind Danielle’s pivot from Edelman executive to launching an award-winning influencer and content marketing agency, one of her most stressful early-days war stories (featuring a profits doomsday call received on vacation), and how both dreams and mistakes can drive a person to success.

You can listen to the episode here, via iTunes, or click the play button below:

Thanks so much to A-Cup for featuring Danielle and Sway Group!