Accounts to Savor: 10 Food Influencers to Follow in 2019

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that food photography has a tendency to inspire us in the kitchen — and make us hun-gry. Over the years, Sway Group has had the pleasure of working with all types of food influencers, from true foodies and entertaining gurus to home chefs and bakers. We’ve rounded up just 10 of our favorite food influencer, and while you’re enjoying this feast for the eyes, let us know if anyone piques your interest for a brand partnerships!

10 Food Influencers You Need to Be Following Now

1) Amanda from @picklesnhoney’s focus on simple plant-based recipes takes you way beyond salad — you won’t believe what she can whip up with a few simple, seasonal ingredients. We love her fresh take, inspiring ideas and solid engagement numbers; this food influencer is a brand partner’s dream.

10 Food Influencers on Instagram to follow2) Andrea at @beautifuleatsandthings isn’t just a foodie, she’s a registered dietician nutritionist, so you can count on her for ideas that are a healthy kind of indulgent. She keeps it simple (and attainable) with her recipes and entertaining tips. She sees consistently great engagement on her posts and her audience loves her bright, colorful content.

Are you following these 10 Food Influencers on Instagram?3) Carrie and her team at @thecakeblog share baking, recipes and decor ideas with their more than 600,000 followers and we are here for all the inspiration. The colorful, seasonal recipes and ideas are refreshing (and tasty) and we can almost guarantee people everywhere are pinning these images to their inspo boards and taking screenshots to show their local baker.

10 Food Influencers we think you should follow4) Cheryl, founder of @bookofeats, shares quick and easy recipes, and dining experiences at restaurants in her local area, as well as, areas that she travels to. Her reviews are mouth-watering, and her sponsored content is steeped in rich storytelling and gorgeous photos.

5) Erin at @platingsandpairings is a food stylist and photographer, and we’re loving her perspective! Her sponsored content integrates well and she doesn’t stray from what her followers have come to expect from her. (Did we mention she shares drink and cocktail recipes?)

10 Food Influencers on Instagram you should follow6) Gina from @gina.chong is a food and lifestyle content creator, documenting her love of travel and all things food. Her clean and simple aesthetic creates the perfect backdrop to showcase pops of color and whimsy, putting all the attention on the food! Her consistent engagement shows how into her content her followers are, and we’re loving it, too.

10 Food Influencers on Instagram you should follow7) Kayley at @thekitchenmccabe is a food stylist and photographer, and her moody aesthetic is truly unique and delivers a whole different perspective. Her recipes are one-of-a-kind and downright beautiful. Her consistent engagement tells us her content is resonating with her audience — we’d love to know how many attempt these challenging recipes at home!

10 Food Influencers on Instagram you should follow8) Nicki at @fromscratchfast is serving up meals that take less than an hour and are also gluten free — double win! Her food photography skills bring her creations to life and we love that the actual recipes are often right in the Instagram caption. Oh, and she’s a published cookbook author! Goals.

10 Food Influencers on Instagram you should follow9) Sarah from @snixykitchen is a self-taught cook who is bringing us gluten-free, seasonal recipes. With a mix of sweet and savory dishes, she’s cooking up all kinds of things we - and her active audience - are dying to try.

Check out this food influencer on instagram10) Amanda at @acookienameddesire is not only a recipe developer, she’s also a food photographer, which shows in her stylish posts. She has always has consistent engagement. Her sponsored content is fairly limited, but when she partners with a brand it comes across as very organic and is well received by her followers.

Choosing just 10 food influencers to highlight was no easy task! (And now we’re ready for lunch.)

If you’d like to learn more about the talented food-focused creators in our network, get in touch — we’d love to walk you through sponsorship possibilities.